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Dojo History:

Established 1973 by Sensei Ron Fagan at Lourdes Hall in Stellarton, Sensei Fagan was an Orange Belt at the time. He took over the Dojo from Paul Mazzorell who was a Brown Belt from Halifax. It was called Paul Mazzorell's Karate Club.

I.O.O.F. Hall in Stellarton - 1975 to 1987

Park Street School - 1987 to 1988

Park Street School - 1987 to 1988

Stellarton High School - 1988

Westville Air Cadet Hall - 1989 to 1990

Michelin Athletic Social Club - 1990 to 1996

Trenton Elementary School - 1996 to 2020.

Asheli Ballet School -  2020 to Present.

Note - The above are all approximate dates.

Insturctors & Black Belts:

Sensei Ron Fagan - Started training Feb 28, 1973. Opened Scotian Karate Club in Dartmouth in 1977. Changed name to Metro Karate in 1984. In mid 90's changed to Metro Karate Training Centre as a business. To view Sensei Fagan's resume, click here.

Rick Sinabaldi - Started training??

Sensei Dave Cavanagh - Started training??

Mike Burton - Starting Training 1975/76

Joe Carpenter - Started training??

John Hale - Started training 1980

John Allen - Started training Feb.20,1980 at IOOF Hall in Stellarton. Shodan: 1985, Nidan: 1990, Sandan: 1994. Competed at National Black Belt Championships in Vancouver: May 1995.

Daniel MacNeill - Started training??

Tony Fortune - Started training 1983 with Scotian Karate in Dartmouth. Received Shodan in 1996 and Nidan in 1999.

Greg Purvis - Started training 1983 with Scotian Karate in Dartmouth. Received Shodan in 1996 and Nidan in 1999.

Todd MacDonald - Started training??

Sempei Scott Ross - Started training under a brown belt named Mario Fleming in Shito-ryu in Calgary in 1980 . Joined Zen Nihon-Karate in Calgary in 1981 under Sensei Jim Bray & Sensei David Jones until 1985. Trained with Sensei Cavanagh & Joe Carpenter for 2 years until joining Northumberland Karate in 1987.

Paul Fortune - Started training April 1994 (age 27). Trained in Chito-Ryu for several years prior, starting in 1984 (obtained Green belt).

Brandon Wilson - Started training in 2000 (age 8)

Sensei Chris Cruikshank - Started training April 1984 (age 14). Member of Karate Team Nova Scotia 1995 – 1999. Assumed Head Instructor for Northumberland Karate in 1999. Ran a Dojo in Scotsburn from 1999 - 2007. Appointed Member of Technical/Testing Committee for IKA (International Karate Alliance) 2008.

Scott Cameron - Started training Sept 2003. Received Shodan in 2016. Has training in Judo.

Jason MacLeod - Started training in 90's as a teenager. Resumed training in 2012. Received Shodan in 2018. Has training in Judo.

Rob Shakness - Started training in 80's, resumed again in 90's and again in 2011. Received Shodan in 2018.

Gaelen Bent - Started training in kids program in 2007. Received Shodan in 2019.

David Potter - Received Shodan in 2019.

Elias MacMillan - Received Shodan in 2020.

Kieran Bent - Received Shodan in 2020.

If you have info available on the history of the Dojo or its Black Belts, please email [email protected] or [email protected]